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A Guide For The Samvera Community
Admin Sets as Collections FAQ
Administrative Sets
Batch Operations
Code Guidelines
Code Review
Coding Style with RuboCop
Collection Discovery FAQ
Collection Metadata FAQ
Collection Nesting FAQ
Collections (2.0)
Collections (2.1)
Configure Hyrax 1 User Polling Notifications
Configuring Discovery
Configuring the Repository (2.0)
Configuring the Repository (2.1)
Core Samvera Code Repository
Creating a Work (1.0)
Creating a Work (2.0)
Creating a Work (2.1)
Creating User Groups
Creating User Groups with a Database
Creating Works in a Batch (1.0)
Creating Works in a Batch (2.0)
Defining Metadata in the Model
Development Community
Development Resources
Dive Deeper into Samvera (slideshow)
Editing a Work (1.0)
Editing a Work (2.0)
Editing a Work (2.1)
Email Notifications
External Binaries
Get up and running
Getting started pages
Glossary of Terms
Help Resources
How Do I Build Searches?
How to Coordinate Testing for a Release
How to Enable and Disable Features
How to Submit Pull Requests
Hyku vs Hyrax?
Hyrax Feature Guides
Hyrax Testing and Release Process
Integrating with Campus Authorization
Introduction to Samvera
Labels and Help Text
Managing Leases and Embargoes (2.0)
Managing Leases and Embargoes (2.1)
Metadata Application Profile
Modifying the Edit Form
Modifying the Show Page
Nested Indexing
Other Blacklight Plugins
Other Helpful Getting Started Docs
Other Metadata Customizations
Overview of Design Pattern
PR Checklist
Prereq: Defining a Controlled Vocabulary
Prereq: Generating a Work Type
Presenters Design Pattern
Running in Production
Samvera Design Patterns (slideshow)
Samvera Labs
Scroll layout
Special layout pages
Technology Stack
The Services Stack
Troubleshooting Production
Troubleshooting RIIIF
Understanding Collection Sharing
Understanding Collection Type Participants
Understanding Collections in Hyrax
Understanding Collections Types
Understanding Participants for Admin Sets
Understanding the Controller
Visibility and Access Controls
What Happens When I Deposit Something? (1.0)
What Happens When I Deposit Something? (2.0)
Workflow and Mediated Deposit in Hyrax 1.x
Working with the Actor Stack