Describes the metadata properties provided in Hyrax upon default installation, and the core properties required for Hyrax to function correctly
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The following Metadata Application Profile lists properties provided by Hyrax by default upon installation. Core Metadata are properties required for Hyrax to function correctly. Basic Metadata properties listed as Required are configured for validation. Basic Metadata properties can be modified within Hyrax but Core Metadata properties cannot be modified. This profile also applies to Hyrax v2.0. More details and links to code available below.

A list of fields is provided below for both Basic and Core metadata. An expanded version of this documentation is linked providing more information per field than can be readily shown on this page. Most of the same metadata fields are offered by default for describing Collections, but there are some differences. For more information on how the metadata specification differs between Collections and Works, see the Machine-readable Metadata Modeling (M3) Specification Working Group’s Hyrax Profile.


Predicate Prefix Rdf-vocab Predicate Prefix Namespace
dce: DC11:
dct: DC:
edm: EDM:
foaf: FOAF:
rdfs: RDFS:
schema: SCHEMA:

Distinction: The MUST out of the box is a slightly different set of things from what is in Core.

Reference: Local controlled vocabularies and forms pulled in here:

Basic Metadata

Basic metadata properties are defined in app/models/concerns/hyrax/basic_metadata.rb

Expanded documentation for Hyrax Basic Metadata

New fields for Hyrax 3 are indicated with italics. Fields are listed in the order they appear in the Hyrax Work form by default.

Property (Field) Predicate Rdf-vocab Predicate Recommendation Expected Value (Data Type)
creator dce:creator ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.creator MUST (Required) xsd:string (Literal)
rights_statement edm:rights ::RDF::Vocab::EDM.rights MUST (Required) xsd:anyUri
alternative_title dct:alternative ::RDF::Vocab::DC.alternative MAY xsd:string (Literal)
contributor dce:contributor ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.contributor MAY xsd:string (Literal)
description dce:description ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.description MAY xsd:string (Literal)
abstract dct:abstract ::RDF::Vocab::DC.abstract MAY xsd:string (Literal)
keyword schema:keywords ::RDF::Vocab::SCHEMA.keywords MAY xsd:string (Literal)
license dct:license ::RDF::Vocab::DC.license MAY xsd:anyURI
access_right dct:accessRights ::RDF::Vocab::DC.accessRights MAY xsd:string (Literal)
rights_notes dce:rights ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.rights MAY xsd:string (Literal)
publisher dce:publisher ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.publisher MAY xsd:string (Literal)
date_created dct:created ::RDF::Vocab::DC.created MAY xsd:date or xsd:dateTime xsd:string (Literal)
subject dce:subject ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.subject MAY xsd:string (Literal)
language dce:language ::RDF::Vocab::DC11.language MAY xsd:string (Literal)
identifier dct:identifier ::RDF::Vocab::DC.identifier MAY xsd:string (Literal)
based_near foaf:based_near ::RDF::Vocab::FOAF.based_near MAY xsd:anyURI
related_url rdfs:seeAlso ::RDF::RDFS.seeAlso MAY xsd:string or xsd:anyURI
source dct:source ::RDF::Vocab::DC.source MAY xsd:string (Literal)
resource_type dct:type ::RDF::Vocab::DC.type MAY xsd:string (Literal)
bibliographic_citation* dct:bibliographicCitation ::RDF::Vocab::DC.bibliographicCitation MAY xsd:string (Literal)

Asterisks(*) indicate fields that are included as defined metadata properties but are not shown in the Hyrax Work form by default.

Core Metadata

Core metadata properties (that should never be removed) are defined in app/models/concerns/hyrax/core_metadata.rb

Expanded documentation for Hyrax Core Metadata

Property (Field) Predicate Rdf-vocab Predicate Recommendation Expected Value (Data Type)
title dct:title ::RDF::Vocab::DC.title MUST (Required) xsd:string (Literal)
depositor mrel:dpt‘’) MUST (Required) user
date_uploaded dct:dateSubmitted ::RDF::Vocab::DC.dateSubmitted MUST (Required) Literal
date_modified dct:modified ::RDF::Vocab::DC.modified MUST (Required) Literal