Hyrax v1.0 ( branch: 1.0-stable )
  • This tutorial assumes that you generated a work type name GenericWork. If you used a different name, substitute that name for all occurrences of GenericWork and generic_work.

Modifying default Hyrax fields

Remove a default property from the set of required fields

Edit app/forms/generic_work_form.rb (substitute your work-type name for generic_work) and make add the following to make keyword and rights optional fields. NOTE: This also moves these fields below all required fields and they only display on the form when the Additional Fields button is clicked.

    self.required_fields -= [:keyword, :rights]
warning32 WARNING: Do not remove any of the core metadata fields. Works will not save correctly without these fields. Core metadata fields are defined as properties in Hyrax’s core_metadata.rb

Making a default property single-value

By default all fields in Hyrax are repeatable. If you’d like to change this behavior for a field that Hyrax provides out of the box, you can do the following. This example makes title, description, and publisher fields single-value.

Edit app/forms/generic_work_form.rb (substitute your work-type name for generic_work) and make the following changes

  • Override self.multiple?(field) and return false for any default fields you want to be single value.
  • Override self.model_attributes(_) to cast back to multi-value when saving
  • Add methods to return the field value as single-value for populating the form fields during editing

The form class after making these changes looks like…

# Generated via
#  `rails generate hyrax:work GenericWork`
module Hyrax
  class GenericWorkForm < Hyrax::Forms::WorkForm
    self.model_class = ::GenericWork

    def self.multiple?(field)
      if [:title, :description, :publisher].include? field.to_sym

    def self.model_attributes(_)
      attrs = super
      attrs[:title] = Array(attrs[:title]) if attrs[:title]
      attrs[:description] = Array(attrs[:description]) if attrs[:description]
      attrs[:publisher] = Array(attrs[:publisher]) if attrs[:publisher]

    def title
      super.first || ""

    def description
      super.first || ""

    def publisher
      super.first || ""

Creating a Default Deposit Agreement

By default, Hyrax will ask you to accept a deposit agreement each time you upload a file. You can make this implicit by having a passive agreement instead. To do this, change the app/config/initializers/hyrax.rb to:

  config.active_deposit_agreement_acceptance = false

Create custom translations in your hyrax.en.yml locales file:

    passive_consent_to_agreement: "By clicking the Save button, I am agreeing to etc..."
    deposit_agreement: "Institutional Agreement"

Lastly, create your own app/views/static/agreement.html.erb page with the content of your deposit agreement.

Customizing display of Collection properties

The collection properties do not use the renderer process to control the display of properties.

To modify the display of a colleciton property…

  • add a partial with the property’s name to app/views/records/show_fields (e.g. _department.html.erb)
  • in that file, include markup to control the display of the field

NOTE: See Hyrax’s show_fields for examples.