Hyrax v1.0 ( branch: 1.0-stable )
Documentation for Versions:

Uploading Works in a Batch

Batch upload lets you upload multiple files at once as separate works. Each work can be assigned a separate display label and resource type, but all other metadata will be applied to all works created in batch upload. There are two ways to access the batch upload form. In the top menu, click “Works” and “Batch Create”. Or click “Works” and “New Work”; this form gives you the option to go to Batch upload.

As with creating a new work, a new batch upload must minimally have: the required description fields filled out, at least one file uploaded, and the deposit agreement checkbox checked. Once these required items are completed, the depositor must click “Save” in order to deposit the work.

Adding Files (required)

The “Files” tab is for uploading files, either locally or from a cloud service. This works in the same way as adding files to a new work. After uploading files, you can edit the display label and resource type for each file. To change the resource type of all files at once, select the desired resource type for the first file and click “Set all to this Resource Type”

The “Description”, “Relationships”, and “Sharing” tabs and settings are identical to those for adding a new work

Limit 100 files at a time, 500MB per file.