Orientation: What is Samvera?

Samvera is a repository solution

We build repository systems to manage digital content for the long-term. This content might include images, documents, digitized books, audio, video, maps, and scientific data, to name just some of the most common use cases. We want to build compelling ways to interact with this content, and intuitive ways to discover it, but what really sets us apart from other projects that publish similar content is our focus on digital preservation and long term sustainability.

Samvera is a framework

Architecture Diagram

Samvera began its life in 2008 as a framework: a shared set of patterns and tools, primarily in the form of Ruby code, for building repository applications atop the Fedora Commons Repository and the Apache Solr index.

Samvera is a community

HydraConnect 2015 Group Photo

Samvera is a growing and vibrant community of people, representing a diverse array of skill sets, backgrounds, and employers. None of us is paid directly by Samvera, and so we’re also a community of volunteers; things happen in the Samvera community because individuals step forward to make advancements.

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