Community Channels of Communication


This page details the communication channels used by developers in the Samvera community. For more information on broader community communication, please see the Samvera wiki Get Started in the Samvera Community page.

Regular Calls

  • Weekly Technical Call for technical discussion, and coordinating releases and code review
  • Monthly Partner Call complements the tech call with a focus on community and functional progress
  • Community Sprint Calls are also organized to coordinate development


Slack has become the primary mode of synchronous communication in the Samvera community. There is a Samvera Slack team that is used for discussion, questions, announcements, interest groups, and working groups. Topics span very general discussion to in-depth interest/working group work, from metadata work to development coordination. Anyone can create a new channel within the Samvera Slack team once they have registered for an account.

Mailing Lists

  • for general Samvera discussion
  • for technical discussion
  • and several more listed on How to Ask for Help


  • Samvera wiki: for general project documentation, meeting notes, and working group pages
  • GitHub codebase-specific wikis for technical documentation and tutorials: e.g.,


  • SamveraConnect: the annual go-to event for the entire Samvera community, primarily geared towards connecting with fellow Samvera community members to learn how they are using Samvera
  • Developer Congresses: these community hackfests tend to be held 1-2 times per year, and have a strong record of delivering advances in our community codebases and helping to onboard new Samvera developers
  • Other Conferences


  • SamveraCamp: for many partners, one of the first steps to joining the Samvera community was, and remains, sending a team of software developers to SamveraCamp to learn the common practices of our community. We generally hold 3-4 SamveraCamps per year.


Slack is more active, but there is still a #samvera IRC channel on Connect using your favorite IRC client, or using If you are new to IRC, the Code4lib IRC wiki page is a good introduction.