Submitting an Issue

Each GitHub project has an Issues tab, and you can add an issue by clicking the New issue button. Samvera uses GitHub issues to track bugs that should be fixed and new features that should be added. They can also be used for more general discussion, such as asking a question.

What Makes a Good Issue?

  • Give the issue a short, descriptive title
  • Clearly describe the problem in the description, with enough detail to help someone that’s not familiar with the issue get started
  • Explain how to reproduce bugs:
    • Explain the expected behavior
    • Explain the actual behavior
    • Provide step-by-step instructions for triggering the actual behavior
  • Provide details:
    • Include a screenshot if something doesn’t look right
    • Include any error messages in the description
    • Link to mailing-list discussions, wiki pages, specifications or anything else that’s relevant
  • Bring people into the discussion:
    • If you’ve talked about the issue with someone already, or know someone’s looking into it, tag them in the issue to make sure they’re notified