Proxy deposit allows users to designate other users to deposit works on their behalf. If a work is deposited on behalf of another user, the ownership of the work will automatically be transferred to that user when the deposit completes. Proxies will retain editing privileges to works they deposit unless the owner revokes access. This feature may be disabled by the repository administrator.

To designate another user as proxy:

  1. Click on “Manage Proxies” in the “Your Activity” menu.
  2. In the box under “Authorize Proxies”, type the username of the proxy user
  3. Click on their name in the “Proxy User” list to add them to the “Current Proxies” list.

manage proxy screen

To revoke proxy permissions from a user, click the “Delete Proxy” button next to their username. Note that this will only revoke their ability to deposit future works as a proxy. In order to remove permissions from works that they previously submitted, their username will need to be removed from the “Sharing” tab for each affected work.