Hyrax v2.0 ( branch: 2.0-stable )

What’s New in Hyrax 2?


Administrator and user functions used to be performed through separate dashboards. In Hyrax 2, these are consolidated into a single dashboard with sections: Activity, Reports (Administrator Only), Repository Contents, Tasks, and Configuration (Administrator Only).

Adminstrator Dashboard

The User dashboard no longer contains the Create Work, Create Collection, View Files, and View Collections buttons on the main page of the Dashboard. These functions were moved to the sub-headings of the Repository Contents section in the new sidebar. The Activity, Notifications, Proxies, and Transfer of ownership tables remain. The user profile box was also moved to the Profile sub-heading of the Activity section in the sidebar.

User Dashboard

The Administrator dashboard renamed the Statistics page to Reports to reflect new reporting functionalities: Statistics by Date. Administrators can query the repository directly on the page to see statistics related to Works and Users.

Administrator Reports

The Configuration section is also a new addition to the Administrator dashboard. This allows you to change repository settings and edit user roles for workflows. New settings will allow you to change the colors of the repository’s header, background, links, and footer. The Configuration section also enables you to edit the About, Help, Deposit Agreement, and Terms of Use pages with a simple text editor.


The user interface can now be translated into seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese. Hyrax 1 only supports English and Spanish.


Licenses and Rights Statements used to be in the required License field. They are now separate. The Rights Statement is required by default.

Rights Statement

By default, the Rights Statement field allows users to select options with RightStatements.org URIs.


While no longer required, the default license options are unchanged in Hyrax 2.

How do I upgrade?

Please see the release notes for Upgrade information.